Bobeh.Co is a new innovative Australian company producing all natural Tanning and Skin Care cosmetics. At the helm is Brooke Tahau, Founder & Creative Director. Coming from a Corporate background she couldn't ignore the urge to create something of her own that could be used as a platform to inspire and empower other women.  
Finding that women often have the same complaints about their skin, their thighs, their complexion etc. (whether it be true or not) as she often did it became her plan to create an affordable Tanning & Skin Care line that was formulated especially for everyday women. All of Bobeh.Co products are specifically formulated to enhance women’s natural beauty. The goal is to make each product in our range target some of the common skin worriments that women often have such as cellulite, skin tone, hydration and complexion.
Our mission is to support body confidence in all Women and promote self love through our products and those who we choose to promote our products. In the current world of social media sometimes there can be a sense of falseness in what we see and what our perception of beauty is. At Bobeh Co our core value is to promote realness, natural beauty and body confidence. 

"I personally have suffered with body confidence issues and at different times struggled with things like cellulite and skin tone. When I started exploring the idea of Bobeh Co, I found I was far from alone”

Brooke Amanda – Founder & Creative Director

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