9 Tips For The Perfect Complexion

The perfect complexion is something that is a number 1 priority for most woman, well I know it is for me! The reality is though that it does not always come naturally to all of us. If you’re worried that you don’t have particularly healthy skin the following tips will get you back to glowing in no time.

July 2, 2018 | Brooke Tahau


I must admit I have been one of those people who has mostly had good skin and an even complexion throughout my life... except for a few pesky years in high school. Although I do admit I am one of the lucky one who has had relatively healthy skin it has not always come easily. When tired, stressed, or on an unhealthy diet my skin has suffered!! Because if this I have tried nearly every product under the sun that any beauty blogger, clinic or friend has mentioned in the hopes to ‘iron out’ those pesky little issues we all have with our skin. The following tips are ones I personally follow and when I do .... damn near perfection I tell you. 


  1. Stay Hydrated - Seem simple right! but so may of us forget or neglect this step. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily is important for overall good health because water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption. Water is also used by your body to flush out toxins and thus is a significant step to clearing up your skin and
  2. Gentle Cleanse Twice a Day – I suffer from the dreaded enlarged pores and subsequent blackheads and for the longest time I had a irregular skin routine and I would then scrub and scrub and use hash chemical based products which made my skin worse. The best advice I can give is to make sure you cleanse gently twice a day with a natural based product with a super soft cleansing brush. My favourite is the Super Soft Cleansing Brush from the Body Shop for only $11.00. For the body just a nice loufer and soap free wash, paying careful attention to your choice in body wash will be a blessing for you skin.
  3. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week - So just as daily cleansing is important it is still important to exfoliate ... everywhere. Remember your face does not need a harsh scrub or vigorous rough housing. A light natural exfoliant for the face and body that I use is Bicarbonate Soda, Lemon and Water. Its honestly a god send and you can make it at home. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in the bicarbonate soda will help treat the cause of acne or breakouts as well as reduce the inflammation. In addition, it helps balance the skin’s pH, which helps reduce the occurrence of break outs. Keeping you PH levels balanced is essential to maintaining even clear skin.
  4. Try eliminating dairy - I know I know this can be hard, but trust me its worth it. You would be surprised the effect dairy can have on your skin and how many of us are intolerant without knowing it. It has long been believed that a dairy-free diet can improve your skin, multiple studies link cow's milk to increased prevalence of skin issues including acne. It is linked that the hormones and growth factors found in milk products can trigger skin break outs.. yikes. As a side tip look into other intolerances by weay of elimination. I suffered from Keratosis Pilaris (Chicken Skin) which was actually an intolerance to gluten!
  5. Epsom Salt Baths - I swear by these after only getting into them a few months ago. There is research that shows Epsom salt bathes can help with digestion, metabolism, eliminates toxins from the body, reduce swelling and water retention which in turn helps maintain tighter skin, increased circulation. There is also some research that suggests it can help the body when dealing with intolerance and allergies... they are just plain amazing. Try one once a week, you can get a back of Epsom salts from $10.00.
  6. Dry brush - This is similar to the exfoliation tip but should be done additionally. Dry brush your stomach, bum, thighs and legs, to help with circulation, cellulite, dead skin reduction and skin rejuvenation. Helping give you and even complexion and reduce or prevent cellulite. You can do this before you shower or jump in your Epsom Salt Bath.
  7. Moisturise - Make sure you moisturise straight after showering or bathing, most moisturisers have agents in them to lock in moisture by creating a barrier over the skin, so by applying while still a bit wet you have more chance of locking in that moisture. Our Toning Body Cream for intense moisture and collagen boosting minerals for improved complexion and skin tone. Our Tanning Mist body oil is also a great moisturiser and contains a load of vitamins and minerals that are great for skin complexion.
  8. No Chemicals - Try to eliminate any chemical/synthetic based products, unless your skin condition requires it. Switching to only natural products and simplifying my skin routine gave a more balanced and manageable skin care regime. And my skin loves it. I use a natural gentle cleanser, a bicarbonate soda recipe for my exfoliant, our all natural Toning Body Cream.
  9. Drink Wine and eat watermelon -Yep that’s right I said it wine can help with your complexion. This rule is only for Red Wine though, its proven that Red Wine is full of antioxidants like flavanoid, tanning and resveratol which help fight ageing and restore collagen. So a glass of Red Wine a day can actually help your complexion. And watermelon who doesn’t love watermelon and its packed full of Vitamin A, B6 and C, watermelon also contains lycopene and amino acids, all combining to contribute towards healthy skin. So get that wine and watermelon out ladies.
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